Takahiro YAMAMOTO Lacquerware NURIMONO

Lacquerware NURIMONO

山本 隆博 | ぬりもの

18 September - 5 October 2020

11:00 - 18:00 closed on Tuesday

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We are developing a new online method for making purchases that will take place via ZOOM. For customers who cannot physically visit the gallery yet wish to inquire further about exhibition pieces or works from our permanent collection, this new method will allow us to offer detailed information about texture or size, and show how it looks in the hands, etc.

By appointment
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Starting with this exhibition, we are opening an internet VIEWING ROOM for our exhibitions. Clients who are not able to visit the gallery in person can catch a glimpse of the exhibited works. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to make a purchase.

Three years have passed since Yamamoto’s last exhibition. During that time he took on the challenge of exploring new expressions and designs based on traditional lacquer techniques. Playing with the contrast between the natural grain of the wood and the perfectly smooth lacquer. Applying lacquer on the surface like drops of water. Roughening the surface with powdered dry lacquer. Polishing the surface extremly finely until it glosses like radiant black light.

“The truly important elements are the ones you cannot see,” Yamamoto-san says. The strength, tranquility and powerful impression of his lacquerware arise from procedures that cannot be seen: several layers of flawlessly applied foundations, each meticulously polished and hidden beneath layers of colored lacquer. “Color and surface lacquering is merely a kind of makeup; the true quality of the piece lies beneath.”  I know of no other craftsperson who so excels in skill and concentration when it comes to producing lacquer works for daily use.

Yamamoto-san produced a lot of bowls, small plates, and serving dishes for this exhibition, along with larger-format works crafted from precious and very old zelkova wood. We invite you to visit us at the gallery or to explore our online viewing room and ZOOM shopping tool.

山本 隆博 | Takahiro YAMAMOTO
was born in 1967 in Sabae, Fukui prefecture. Trained under his father, Hideaki Yamamoto, from the age of 18, and became an independent artist in 1992. Yamamoto has a command of the repertoire of classical techniques which is nearly unmatched among the lacquer masters of his generation. Without sacrificing the function of the vessel, he has developed his own, clear and contemporary language of form, with which he has distinguished himself from his father. He is a language marked by a contrast and combination of rounded and sharp edges and straight lines. > See past exhibitions