村田匠也 | 新茶展|茶のうつわ

28 April - 15 May 2023

Takuya MURATA will join us on 29 - 30 April 2023
11:00 - 18:00 closed on Tuesday and Wednesday
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Looking at Murata‘s ceramics, these things catch my eye.

Its powerful shape,
with contours stretching up to heaven
as though not subject to gravity.

The porcelain surface is so smooth and lovely,
velvet-like and voluptuous,
I cannot help but to touch it.

Now feeling it in my palm:
indeed it is made from earth,
a dense, hard connection of porcelain melted by fire.

The potter’s throwing technique is astonishing.
The shape is impeccable, without any trace of inarticulateness.

Using it on rainy days or sunny days,
under the frail and delicate surface
our hands can feel its big-boned skeleton
formed from a well trained hand
– and its longing to be used in daily life.

Murata’s grandfather and father are masters of traditional Kyoto ceramics (Kyoyaki).
They have been producing ceramics continuously through the Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa eras.
Born in such a family, Murata grow up exposed to a vast amount of ceramics.
Murata decided to continue this line.
Each day he follows his own way of pottery,
going back and forth,
building up and destroying, destroying and building up.

I would like to make utensils for Japanese leaf tea, Murata told us some years ago.
Just in time for this year’s fresh green tea, we open Gallery Nichinichi’s first solo exhibition with the tea utensils of Takuya Murata.
Please visit and enjoy.

Takuya MURATA | 村田匠也
Born in 1982 in Kyoto, Japan
Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural College of Ceramic Technology in 2004
Graduated from Craft Technology Center of The Kyoto Municipal Industrial Technology Research Institute in 2005
Currently working at his studio in Kyoto