Karin KOLSTER-KELLY  STONE RINGS by sunroom nichinichi

STONE RINGS by sunroom nichinichi

カーリン・コルスター・ケリ | 冬至の夜に石のまたたき by sunroom nichinichi

2 - 25 December 2022

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‘sunroom nichinichi’ is a showcase for beautiful accesories and outfits by Japanese and international artists. It is named after the small light-filled sunroom on the second floor of gallery nichinichi.


Karin has returned from her rest in Italy with a new line of rings that will light up the long winter nights. Karin warmly welcomed us when we visited her workshop in September of this year. We spent a day with her, exploring her vast collection of natural stones that she has collected over the course of half her life, and she allowed us to select the stones. Onyx with Biedermeier-era inlays, hand-cut Indian rubies, amazonite, zoisite with emeralds and rubies… and more. Please visit us and meet your stone ring that makes you shine.

was born in 1960 in Neumunster, northern Germany. After studying art and education for the handicapped at the Heidelberg University of Education, she studied jewelry at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd and Pforzheim University after working as a gallery assistant. Her transition from educator to artist came at the age of 37. Karin makes (almost) exclusively rings because she is a collector who loves stones with all her heart.