日日好み - 花のうつわ 

19 March - 5 April 2021

Clients who are unable to visit the gallery in person can see a collection of this exhibition in the VIEWING ROOM .

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Flowers are blossoming.
Look closer.  Branches and stems, thick and thin, bending and curving.  Withered old leaves casting shadows behind young, fresh petals. Soothing and peaceful.

Flowers are blossoming.
Detached from the world of of profit and loss, flowers do not care if people admire them or not. They do not fear falling off in the end. Their freedom makes us tremble.

In this time of the year as buds begin to bloom, our exhibition will feature a wide range of vessels for flowers, small and large, old and new, crafted by masters of pottery, bamboo, and lacquer.

This exhibition collection includes ceramic vases crafted by traditional masters like Kyûsetsu Miwa from Hagi, Kaneshige Sozan from Bizen, Shigetaka Katô from Mino, Tetsu Yamada from Kyoto as well as artists who breathe fresh life into the ceramic scene like Shirô Tsujimura, Ryôji Koie, Taki Nakazato, Young-Jae Lee and many others. We’ll also show bamboo vases from Chifuyu Enomoto and lacquered vessels from Takahiro Yamamoto. We’ve carefully selected a wide range of vessels in different styles and materials and will display them together with flowers to welcome spring.